High-quality Coconut Charcoal Briquettes From Indonesia Coconut Charcoal Briquette Indonesia

Your packaging will arrive in good high quality and with vivid colors on high quality paper on FSC® certified paper. Gas furnace lets you preserve the proper temperature and drying time of briquettes following the standards. We are the first plant in Indonesia to apply fully integrated high quality control at all levels of manufacturing. Coconut briquette factory indonesia Bakulan Nusantara can provide a variety of coconut shell charcoal briquetts. Consistent with high quality and service to be able to provide the most effective expertise for our customers. Branding Kits

Greg Ryabtsev is a broadly known expert in the field of coconut charcoal. If you may have any questions or concerns about our packaging, please contact Ibu Siti at If you have any questions or concerns relating to our grinding and crushing operations, please attain out to Elang at Finger stick, cubes or different shapes to suite your specifications and needs are available.

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Delivering product quality results that meet costumer’s expectations. Please contact our WhatsApp, and they’re going to help you in choosing the right quantity and provide competitive pricing in your order. Our briquette charcoal has a longer burn time in comparison with regular charcoal.

Our charcoal briquettes are produced from coconut shells, so they’re 100 percent pure. We will pack the charcoal cubes into inside boxes, followed by master bins, and label them according to your requirements. Staffing the container with the coconut charcoal briquette packing containers takes roughly 2-3 hours.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Factory From Indonesia

Coconut Charcoal Tablets for Shisha Incense Natural, No Odor, No Bad Taste. Perhaps you love the beautiful aroma incense brings to your home. Either way, charcoal is the most essential facet, so we’ve created one of the best coconut coals in the marketplace. Made from compressed coconut shell, coconut charcoal tablets are natural, odorless, and tasteless. Moreover, the pure shisha coals include zero chemicals, and are the safest different.

Indonesiancharcoal & Briquette

Krisna is a vital part of our production process, as he ensures that each batch of charcoal that we produce meets our high standards of quality. Eastura charcoal briquette is 100% pure pure charcoal. We made this briquette from coconut shell charcoal with a selected raw material. We proudly say that our briquettes are one of the best coconut charcoal briquettes which is sweet for shisha/hookah customers.

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